steveThis is a journal about Arab journalism and more; about how the news is covered and why; about new ways of telling the story of the day and about new ways of reaching out to tell this story; about what matters from day to day and how it makes a great difference in the way the story is told, and, ultimately, about how news is something that grows and takes root and touches our lives like the sun on our faces and the wind embracing us. The daily story is a poem, a movie, a cartoon, a scribble note, a whisper. It’s a book of facts, a tale passed like a hurricane on the Internet. It is what happens in the morning when someone begins to think about memorializing that day. It’s about the freedom to think and write and to read. Hopefully, what takes place here is a conversation too. How do you do this work so you make a difference here in the Arab world and elsewhere. How do we respect our differences? And how do you do this well? Let’s celebrate what’s good and what enriches our lives.

It’s a nice day today, isn’t it?

There’s a desert wind blowing.

The sky, it is opening.

I was a Knight International Journalism Fellow from the International Center for Journalism, an independent journalists organization, and I taught and trained my colleagues, journalists in Egypt. I was a reporter for the Chicago Tribune and now I am working to train and help support journalists in parts of the world where they need help.

Nader alghoul, a young journalist, has joined our effort here and with his support, we will talk even more about Arab journalism and the winds bringing change and new hopes and new ideas.


Stephen Franklin

هذا الجورنال معني بالصحافة العربية وأكثر، بكيفية تغطية الخبر ولماذا،
بالطرق الجديدة للإخبار عن قصة اليوم والطرق الجديدة للوصول إلى إخبار
هذه القصة. هو عن ما هو الشيء المهم من يوم لآخر وكيف يغير الشيء المهم
لنا الطريقة التي نخبر بها عن القصة.
> بالأساس، الجورنال عن كيفية الأخبار هي شيء ينمو ولديها جذور وتلمس
حياتنا كالشمس والريح.
> القصة اليومية هي قصيدة، فيلم، وشوشة. هي كتاب حقائق، رواية تروى
كالإعصار على الإنترنت. إنه ما يحدث في الصباح عندما يفكر أحدنا في تذكر

> آمل ان ما يدور هنا هو حوار أيضا. كيف تؤدي هذا العمل ليصنع فارقا هن هذا اليوم.ا


2 thoughts on “Today’s story is about life. Read here. اليوم قصة عن الحياة. تقرأ هنا

  1. Hello,
    You are a real inspiration and you’ve got an amazing blog here. We met a month ago, I’m one of the students from Iraq whom you met in Chicago. It was such a pleasure to all of us to meet you and we would love to help you in any way you need.
    Good luck!

    Liked by 1 person

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