كلنا صحافيون —-We are all journalists

Those of us who care about truth, who care about the freedom to tell the truth, we are all journalists. It doesn’t matter if you are by yourself or you are with many. If you are commited to this, you can only do your best.

This belongs belong to you and all those who care and work for freedom of expression in the Arab world. Please make it your resource. And because I am no longer in the Arab world, I cannot see and feel and write about what you know everyday. And so, I welcome you to share  your thoughts here about journalism in the Arab world. I will post your words and hopefully we can continue to share.

shukran, steve


5 thoughts on “كلنا صحافيون —-We are all journalists

  1. I’ ve posted a brief (in spanish) about your 10 steps to citizen journalism on line in http://tesisesdialogo.wordpress.com (Thesis is a dialog).

    As I consigned in the last paragraph, I don’t see much diferences betwen those ten tips and the skills a “traditional journalist” should have, beside the technological skills.

    In my blog I describe my research process on Citizenjournalism for my thesis degree in Social Comunication an Journalism (www.perio.unlp.edu.ar)

    So, I would appreciate your concerns on that issue, hopping you can help me in this process.

    My question is: Do you think citizenjournalism is a theorical model, a concept, a phenomenon, a storytelling style or an ideology on freedom of expression?



  2. Online we function in many ways. The person who wants to report news does this with all the skills that they have. With training and resources, they can perform at the highest level and a level matched by professional journalists. But this does not mean they are not journalists who can provide news accounts. A good example is what is happening today in Kenya and recently in Pakistan and Burma. There, people used the Internet to provide pictures and news that others could not. In some cases, online journalists go beyond the basic news that they can see or hear to provide more and here is where there is great growth and potential. Here you find online journalists who operate in small groups who create their own newspapers or magazines and who can offer news and analysis that would not be available.


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