Telling stories of our lives يروون قصصا حياتنا

We talk face to face. We send notes. We write diaries. What are we doing? We are marking down moments we want to share. From far away, this is how the web connects us and connects our narratives. Here, an Iraqi woman,,  tells about her days:

“Its been such a long time since I have written, I guess its because so much has been going on in the past period, I just cant bring myself to write , I feel so discouraged, so broken, and above all so sad , things here in Baghdad at this time are not getting better ,on the contrary they are getting worse !!!! when is this going to be over ? when will we live like normal human beings ? I find myself asking the same question day in and day out,
I try to find some good things here in Baghdad but I just cant, even if there are some exceptions, there is always something that will ruin it for me, like a kidnapped relative, or a sick family member that cant find the proper medical treatment ….and so on …..How ever hard I try, there is always something that will bring me down!!!
The Iraqi government members are in the middle of their disputes not caring about the Iraqi people! And the parliament members are on a summer vacation! Can you believe that? They can take a vacation when the country’s conditions are like this, the Iraqi people are dying, services are so bad ,no water, no electricity in most parts of the country . I guess all we can do is hope that a change will happen soon.”


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