What can the West Do? نحن لا نطلب الغذاء ، ولكن من اجل الديمقراطيه

Mohammed Benchicou, founder and former publisher of Le Matin of Algeria, last year left prison after a two-year term for what the Arab Press Network calls his “outspokeness and criticism of the Algerian regime.” In a recent interview with APN, he said:

“If I have one appeal to make, it is for the international community to offer support, remain vigilant and pay attention to the Arab world, where many developments are currently taking place. As long as we do not place the democratic question at the heart of exchanges between the West and the Arab world, there will be no solution to key problems like immigration facing us at the moment. The West must realise that the populations of the Southern hemisphere are not asking for food aid, but for democracy. Without a democratic government, it will never be possible to stablise the population in these countries>


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