Tellling refugees’ stories كتابه عن اللاجئين

They travel in hope and despair. They end old lives and dream of new ones. Some are welcomed. Some are shunned. They are victims of wars and hunger and prejudices. They are survivors of countless abuses. They ask for help and often do not find it. They are everywhere and their stories are a measure of the humanity they encounter. To tell their stories, you need to know their numbers, their causes, their problems. You need to talk with them, and then to see how they are living. You need to put the great and growing wave of global immigration into its larger context. This is what makes good journalism so important. In Cairo one place to begin this story is at the office of Africa and Middle East Refugee Assistance (Amera). They provide help for refugees from more than 30 countries. They are located in Garden City, telephone number 795 3202,


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