So you wonder how to get any where with your blog?

There’s lot of help, and it is coming very quickly to the Arab world. Here is something from an African source,, that links to an endless number of other helping resources:

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As one of the key elements of a vibrant and prosperous world, civil society organizations working for positive social change must be supported and nurtured. Now, more than ever, the African civil society sector is in need of tools and resources that can support the important work of individual organizations, as well as strengthen the connections between organizations. New digital technologies, in particular the Internet, allow activists to access networks of knowledge, mutual support, and financial resources on a scale that otherwise would be next to impossible.Kabissa, meaning complete in Kiswahili, believes that information and communication technologies (ICTs) are a revolutionary force in civil society.


Kabissa’s mission is to help African civil society organization put information and communication technologies to work for the benefit of the people they serve.


Kabissa’s vision is for a socially, economically, politically, and environmentally vibrant Africa, supported by a strong network of effective civil society organizations.



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