How do I blog this and what else do I do?

Small, barely furnished office just off the roar from the busy night-time rush of the square in Giza. But this could be downtown Lima or Kampala or anywhere where there’s a hunger to use the Internet to tell a story and share a view. The meeting is about freedom of expression and the room is full of mostly young bloggers and those who want to be bloggers. At least half are women. They want to know what they are allowed to use on their blogs that comes from the Internet. What are their rights? Which Arabic should they use? Standard classical or spoken? Where can they learn more? What’s important about blogging? And where can you search in the Arab world online for help? Only a few years ago, they are told, there were just a few bloggers in Egypt and now there are well over 1,000. There probably are a few more today too.


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